Our Process

Whenever we discuss a new project with a client, there are inevitably questions about how we will work together and charge for our services. Here are two ways we can work together to build the best product.

Real-time Collaboration

Real-time collaboration is a great model if you want flexibility during the project, or have some ideas that you’re not quite sure how to implement. We can work with you to “flesh out” those ideas and determine the best way to bring your web project to life.

Here are some reasons you may want to use this model:

You would like to get started as soon as possible (after a quick discovery phase and exchange of ideas)
You would like to draw on our experience in order to define the product and solve difficult technical problems

You would like to leave the possibility open for tweaking features or changing the look and feel of your product during the build
You need the flexibility allowed when billing by the hour (we’ll keep you updated of our time and cost with weekly progress reports)

Fixed Scope

Fixed scope is best if you have a detailed plan for your project and don’t expect deviations from that plan. We can take the specifications you provide and build exactly what you’ve requested.

This model may work well for you if:

You have already contracted a designer, spec writer and UI/UX person for a full specification document that is ready for implementation
You don’t anticipate changes to your specification, but if changes are required they can be added to the site in a later implementation phase
You have a dedicated digital staff of two or more people
You’re familiar with all phases of the development process and have done similar builds before, so you know what to anticipate