A Life Lesson In Time Management

Years ago, my wife was a nanny while putting herself through graduate school. One of her first assignments was a family in Florida that had two boys, ages 4 and 6. On the first day of caring for them, she took both boys to the park. Not long into playtime the older boy threw an aluminum bat at the younger one (fortunately he missed)! Game over. The boys were sent to their separate rooms for the rest of the day. Worried about what may have been the underlying cause of the anger, my wife was left to contemplate at the house.

At the end of the day, the mother pulled her SUV into the driveway and jumped out screaming at the boys…something about being late for hockey practice. When the younger boy announced that he had to poop before departure, the mother yelled “D*&$%#t, Bobby! You don’t have time to poop!”. Well, there you go.

What does this have to do with website development? It’s a great story about time management and expectations. We can all see where a lack of planning can cause cascading issues within a family OR organization.  Hopefully your employees aren’t denied trips to the bathroom, nor are throwing bats at one another.

Planning importance goes double for website builds. No amount of enthusiasm can make up for proper planning and forethought. “I want a website that sells widgets” is a good start, but the impetus will need fleshing out. We can help!