development toolsFinding an honest website developer is not unlike choosing a mechanic. Everyone’s aware of the importance of finding an honest auto mechanic. It’s become a cliche catchphrase because of the universal vulnerability, “I don’t know car innards”. Plus, there’s a feeling you get when you DO find an honest mechanic. They take time to explain things so that you can make an informed decision. They diagnose quickly and accurately. They price fairly. You’re awash with gratitude. Odds are, you’ve spent time trying to find an honest mechanic, no?

But when would you rather be in “good hands”?:
-A mechanic has your car on the lift, and is handing you an estimate for a $700 waterpump replacement. Your livelihood and, perhaps, kid-shuttling capabilities depend on this vehicle.
-You have a legacy website developed on a somewhat outdated or obscure platform, with code that’s been historically maintained by well-meaning, but average developers—who were in a hurry. You are starting to spend more website development time fixing what’s broken than you are making actual progress toward new features or business objectives. It’s time for a rebuild. At this moment an honest and competent website team is pure gold.

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