• We rely on the Zing Team to turn our dream of becoming the world’s most technologically advanced law firm into a true reality. Zing has worked magic, and the result has been nothing short of transformative. Our processes, our relationships with our clients, and our staffing have all wildly exceeded our dreams. The integrity, dedication and genius of everyone at Zing are the three key ingredients that make this possible. We would recommend Zing without hesitation.

    Jeff Unger, Founder and CEOeMinutes
  • Our company, Diet-to-Go, has been working with Zing Studios for over two years and in that time Zing has delivered the highest quality programming and related services to us.

    All projects are handled in a very professional manner with Zing producing within-budget, on-time results. They effectively communicate with our team throughout projects, garnering our input as needed, defining the scope of work required, and add value to the product every step of the way.

    Their ZingMail system has been a huge help to us in promoting our products through email campaigns. I would recommend Zing to any company that has design, development and programming needs.

    Hilton Davis, CEODiet to Go
  • Zing Studios has been such an invaluable partner over the years. The team is efficient, communicative and always does a killer job. I started working with them six years ago when I was pretty green in my career (to say the very least) and they’ve always helped break even the most complex projects into digestible pieces that I feel confident managing with my internal team. We’ve done it all—from relaunching websites to creating new landing pages to managing day-to-day needs, it’s always a pleasure to work with Zing.

    Alexis Methven, Digital Project ManagerDanoneWave
  • Zing has been such a reliable and incredibly responsive company to work with. They understand our needs and are quite flexible and creative in fulfilling them. We’re lucky to be working with such a smart and enjoyable group of people at Zing.

    Lindsey Miner, PresidentInventory Smart
  • ​I have never had the pleasure of working with a more responsive technical group. Where other programmers and tech wizards fail, Zing shines: great customer service, extreme attention to detail, no smoke and mirrors (unlike many tech people, they do not use their knowledge against their clients), a can-do attitude (if you need it, they build it), reasonably priced, friendly and fun to work with.

    Traditional Medicinals
  • I love working with Zing because I really feel like they’re a part of our team just as much as we’re a part of theirs. Zing is prompt in their responses, excellent in communication, and most importantly, impeccable with follow through. 

    Freeman Beauty
  • Whether that’s developing a smart and user-friendly website, customizable online coupon system, blog or our content management system, they are professional, easy to work with, and have really nailed down our vision.

    Attune Foods
  • Zing implements custom solutions to ensure we have smart, simple interfaces we can control.

    With all Zing employees, we get the highest of quality, dedication and service. We rely heavily on Zing for the day-to-day functions of our business, and sing the highest of praises to the hard work and dedication of the entire team.