Problem? Not a problem.

Zing Studios is a digital consulting firm with a passion for finding simple solutions to complex problems.

We hail from different tech backgrounds, melding our individual specialties into a think-tank consensus. We're positively-charged client collaborators, drawing on our first-hand experiences as roadmaps for the next puzzle.

We love all things digital almost as much as they love us back.

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Phone: (303) 229-8030

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Why Zing?

Not too big, not too small.

We can provide the comprehensive solutions of a larger agency with the speed and agility of a small shop. You don't have to hire and manage a chain of firms that subcontract their work to get the job done. Each project we agree to take on is a commitment. We become fully engaged in your business and steer you away from common pitfalls, achieving the results you envisioned.


It's the norm for us to get back to you right away and provide a quote within two days. Sound preposterous? Give us a call and find out.

Easy to work with

We translate your voicemails, docs, spreadsheets, and napkin scribbles into designs, features, interfaces, and modernized sites. We consult the whole way, helping transform your online presence and promotional campaigns into the perfect complement to your business.

Our Team

Jeff Schroeder

Jeff Schroeder

Director of Technology
Jeff's been building web sites for 17 years (16 at Zing) and somehow manages to squeeze in time to run the company between client projects. He may not wear shoes in the office, but he knows what it takes to build and maintain a successful business (hint: it's not shoes). And while it's true that web development isn't rocket science, Jeff just happens to be a rocket scientist (seriously!) so we've got you covered there too.
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Brian Karkowski

Brian Karkowski

Senior Web Developer
One client loved Brian's work and responsiveness so much, they surprised he and his wife with tickets to a sold-out NYC concert by his favorite band. We're not making this a new requirement, but you may have the opportunity to gush with gratitude in your own way. Brian builds websites like the Batmobile drives: fast and solid, with added functionality that's simple to deploy. He's faster than that entire room full of Romanians you were thinking of hiring. Plus, you won't have to explain to the boss why your site keeps breaking post-launch!
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Brent Schmierbach

Brent Schmierbach

Director of Marketing & Project Management
Whether mountaineering on snow-capped peaks, diving 100+ feet below the ocean's surface, or competing in the latest endurance race, Brent is always looking for the next challenge. Brent comes from the content creation side of the business, having directed national brands in email marketing, social media promotions, audience growth, digital ad campaigns, mobile app creation, and web analytics.
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Ben Mason

Ben Mason

Senior Web Developer
Whether it's a B movie or an inside-joke t-shirt, Ben corners the market on eclectic tastes. That extends to his programming work, where he tackles challenges ranging from decade-old spaghetti code to an iOS app no one really understands. And he does it all with a smile on his face. To date, he's the only Zinger to have a client actually throw a party for the great work he's done.
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Nick Mask

Nick Mask

Senior Web Developer
Nick has degrees concentrated in Computer Mediated Communication, Information Systems, and Anthropology. This means he can program a computer to arbitrate a divorce and source the roots of "irreconcilability" back to the middle ages. Nick once challenged Vanilla Ice himself to a problem-solving contest. It was no contest.
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Noah Duncan

Noah Duncan

Senior Web Developer
When he is not in front of a computer, Noah can be found hanging from a cliff, riding a trail in the mountains, or gliding around on Nordic skis. Noah is passionate about what he does, and web development is no exception. Noah has adopted the credo "If you aren't going to put your whole heart into something, why do it?" and he brings this with him to Zing. Rest assured that when Noah is working on a project, he is determined to make it the best it can be.
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James Haynes

James Haynes

Web Developer
As our local Mini Cooper enthusiast, James impresses bystanders with the custom bumper stickers and custom sun-shade in his Mini. At the desk, he's famous for jumping head-first into new projects and unraveling even the squirreliest of problems. And yes, he insists "squirreliest" is a word.
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Longmont Living

Thinking of joining our team? Here are a few things our staff loves about this area:

"Best Places to Live"

- CNN Money

Road Biking

Many pro cyclists and triathletes ride through Longmont, and choose this area as their home. Can't beat that for an endorsement!

- Duncan


There are fantastic trails just about everywhere you can live in this part of the country. The scenic vistas inspire us to get out and explore a bit.

- Ben

Cruiser Biking

Longmont is rated a "Silver Medal" bicycle friendly community because the bike path system throughout the town, stretching all the way to Boulder, means you'll never have to encounter a car on your way to the Farmer's Market.

- Josh

Mountain Biking

Whether you like rolling Cross-Country trails, gnarly downhill, cyclocross, pump-tracks, or just a nice scenic roll into the countryside--it's all within a 20 mile radius.

- Duncan

Rock Climbing / Bouldering

Quite simply, one of the most supportive communities for this type of adventure. Tons of rock is very close-by, as well as two of the best climbing gyms in the country in the neighboring town of Boulder.

- James


Over 300 days of sunshine each year make this a great place to be, all year-round. The drier climate has a "feels like" effect of about +10 degrees in the Winter, and keeps it from being humid in the Summer.

- Brent

Affordable Housing

It's the American Dream. You can get a good sized house without needing a jumbo mortgage.

- Josh


Camping in Rocky Mountain National Park with a backdrop of yellow-leaved Aspens and bugling Elk. Unbelievable!

- Noah


Seven schools have a "Great Schools" rating of 8 or better, covering all age-ranges: Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.

- Jeff


Tubing with the kids on the St. Vrain river should be part of every family's Summer tradition!

- Jeff


The state of Colorado boasts 10 of the top 20 ski resorts in North America, five of which are within a 2 hour drive! Bounus: Touring into the backcountry yields thigh-deep powder.

- James

Craft Breweries

They don't call it the "Napa Valley of Beer" without cause, and Longmont is doing its part with award winning Milk Stouts out of Left Hand Brewing and the classic "Dale's Pale Ale" (a Rate Beer perfect score of 100) from Oskar Blues.

- Brian


The amount and level of talent that comes through here is amazing. With Red Rocks a short drive away and over a dozen other well known venues in the area, there's always a mind blowing show to catch!

- Mike

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