Zing Studios was founded over 17 years ago. We pride ourselves in creating
“customers for life” by sticking to a few simple principles:

Honesty saves clients time and money. When you have a consultant you can trust, everything else will fall in place.

Competence is crucial to avoiding technical debt. We start with a rigorous hiring and testing procedure to make sure you’re getting only the best developers. We maintain that standard with constant collaboration amongst team members, and regularly reviewing each other’s code for feedback.
We translate your voicemails, docs, spreadsheets, and napkin scribbles into designs, features, interfaces and modernized sites. We consult the whole way, helping transform your online presence, site functionality and promotional campaigns into the perfect compliment to your brand.

Responsiveness is something we pride ourselves on. Everyone at Zing responds directly to clients and is responsible for explaining complex solutions in an understandable way that furthers the conversation. It’s unheard of in this industry, but we purposefully overstaff ourselves with developers. This not only allows us to take on larger projects right away, but also makes for happier employees. It’s the norm for us to get back to you right away, provide a quote within two days, and we often start development the day after that. Sound preposterous? Give us a call and find out.

Zing Studios, the best little company you’ve never heard of.


It's All in the Numbers

(Stats by the Week)


unbillable ping pong minutes


lava lamps purchased (on average)


team meeting


people who have a say in what goes on here


"employee of the month" designated parking spaces


paid after-work adventures


job applicants


automated offers from people to work for us remotely


freelancer applicants with a very loose grasp of the English language