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Our expert Drupal developers have decades of combined experience building and managing custom Drupal websites. We are familiar with Drupal versions 6, 7, and 8, having built custom themes and modules for all three major releases.

Custom Drupal theme development

When we create a custom Drupal theme from scratch, we’ll work with you to understand your content needs and how that content will be displayed on your site. From there, we’ll create custom nodes and taxonomies with content management in mind. We avoid third-party modules as much as possible, instead leveraging our Drupal know-how to incorporate any custom functionality directly into your theme.

Custom Drupal module development

We can also create custom Drupal modules from scratch. At times, it’s easier (and a good practice) to encapsulate your desired functionality into a module. In the past, we have built custom modules to implement and integrate with a third-party API or service, to enable product reviews, or to create interactive custom features that house their own data.

Drupal maintenance, hosting, and implementation

If all of those facets, taxonomies, panes, views, panels, blocks, and nodes have you utterly confused, let us help you work with your existing website to make it easier to edit and maintain. Or, if you’d rather provide content for us to implement on your current website, send it over!

BitRelay, our sister company, offers affordable hosting solutions for low- and high-traffic sites alike. We’re also adept at optimizing your Drupal configuration to both speed up your site, as well as allow it to handle massive amounts of traffic.

Drupal security

It’s important to ensure that Drupal and its modules are kept up-to-date. Security patches are frequently released for both, and we’re subscribed to alerts that inform us as soon as a vulnerability is made public, or a patch is released. We can work with you (or your IT department or current host) to make sure your server environment is also up-to-date, as well as to help you harden your Drupal installation against attacks.