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PHP applications

Let’s face it: Not everything lends itself to using a CMS like Wordpress or Drupal. Or, perhaps you have a website that’s older than your kids (and by extension, older than most CMSes). Whatever the case, we have developed and maintained custom PHP applications for dozens of our customers. In fact, many of our own internal tools were written in PHP.

Custom functionality

PHP has powered data-driven and interactive websites for decades. Everything from user accounts to e-commerce to informational databases, PHP enables key components of the world wide web. Did you know Facebook, Wikipedia, and Yahoo all use PHP?

We have developed a wide array of applications in PHP: inventory management systems, shopping carts, ERP systems, document management and generation, learning tools, meal planners, interactive games, sophisticated consumer analytics and segmentation (CRM), and everything else our clients have dreamed up.

Legacy support

Have an old website that (mostly) works and are looking to add some new features or need help squashing some lingering bugs? It’s not glamorous, but we can help. We can dive in, learn your application, and work with you to devise a path forward that’s conscious of your budget.

PHP5 has reached its end of life. This means if your application or server still run an old version of PHP, security patches will no longer be released for it. We can work with you to upgrade your site and your server to PHP7. Let’s make sure you’re not left vulnerable and that your security needs are still satisfied.