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We have more than a decade of experience providing custom WordPress development to our clients. Our services can be broken down into the following:

Custom WordPress theme development

Your WordPress theme drives the look-and-feel of your website, and while there are thousands of ready-made themes that can be bought for cheap, for those who meticulously craft their messaging and have a style guide and other guardrails for their branding, a custom WordPress theme is the only way to go.

A custom theme follows your design to the pixel, and gives you complete control over every aspect of your website. Gone are the days of picking a theme that ‘sort-of works,’ and then assembling a cadre of Wordpress plugins that are almost what you want. As the old adage goes, ‘Mo Plugins, ‘Mo problems. Let’s avoid creating a house of cards using a premade theme and 20 plugins and simply build your website from the ground up the right way, with a custom theme.

A theme that was built from the ground up to manage your content for your website is infinitely easier to maintain and update.

Custom WordPress plugin development

Often, you may wish to add some interactivity to your website. Perhaps that’s some sort of booking system, or a novel way to explore your organization’s offerings in detail. A custom plugin allows you to manage that data, and allows us to present that data (or experience) to your visitors.

WordPress maintenance, hosting, and implementation

Already have a WordPress site and simply need some help maintaining it? No problem. We have a long history of jumping into existing sites and helping to fix issues and help you make edits and updates to your site. No matter where it’s hosted.

Our sister company, BitRelay, also provides affordable hosting options for your WordPress site, should you need those services.

WordPress security

The reality of running 30% of all websites on WordPress is that it’s also a juicy target for hackers. We can work with you to implement policies to tighten up security, audit your website for vulnerabilities or evidence of intrusions, and ensure that you’re up-to-date on patches and software versions. Need PCI compliance? Let’s talk.