We're all about web development

At Zing Studios we build websites, craft custom business applications, create reports that enable your business to make sound decisions, and deliver compelling interactive experiences to visitors.

Websites today are more than just text and images: they captivate audiences, funnel purchases, offer deep integration into your internal business systems, and provide powerful tools for your clients and employees. We’re experts in the underlying technologies that make it all happen.

Our capabilities

We are PHP developers at heart. What that means for you is that we create beautiful marketing websites, functional business applications, and everything in between.

Web sites and content management

From plug-and-play systems for emerging brands to complex custom solutions, we'll work with you to find a solution that grows with your company but fits your budget today.


Design, test, deploy, repeat. We build your system with flexibility in mind so you can respond to changing business conditions without re-architecting your site.

Custom Business Applications

If you have a problem, we can find a digital solution. Sketch away on your napkin, then give us a call.. We develop solutions that automate business processes, generate meaningful reports, and create insights that give your business the edge it needs.

Comprehensive E-mail Solutions

Cultivate solid customer relationships and start driving revenue. Ask Zing experts about email marketing and automation: design, tracking, list growth, database management, and the most competitive pricing in the business. Google's used ZingMail, why don't you?

Technologies we use

We develop in something called the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). In truth, there are many more technologies that we use—we’ll always recommend the best tools to meet your specific needs. Here are the areas in which we are particularly skilled:



From versions 2 through 5, we’re well-versed and active in the Symfony ecosystem. Whether you have an existing application built in Symfony, or need a custom system that suits itself well to using Symfony, we can jump right in.

Symfony Development



WordPress powers almost 30% of the web (and 60% of all sites that use a CMS). It’s no surprise that we’ve been working with it since the mid 2000’s. From custom themes and plugins, to maintaining and enhancing existing sites, we’ve done (and continue to do) it all.

WordPress Development



While not as popular as Wordpress, we have substantial experience building and customizing Drupal-powered sites; both for small businesses and for enterprise applications.

Drupal Development



Another popular PHP framework that includes components of Symfony, we have built and maintained several applications that utilize Laravel at their core.



A plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce solution for WordPress. We have extensive experience customization checkout workflows to adapt to the needs of your business or product.



Vue.js is our bread-and-butter, but we also have experience with React, Gatsby, Angular, NodeJS, and Backbone (among countless others).

Javascript Development